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Nutritious Gluten Free Food - Handmade in London, ON

Before Christine’s Gluten Free Goodies, Christine was in the healthcare profession until she was diagnosed with celiac disease. Celiac diseases is a long-term autoimmune disorder that mostly affects the small intestines. A gluten-free diet is known to lessen the symptoms of celiac disease. Avoiding foods with gluten is very important in treating celiac disease. Not only has Christine found a new way of helping her own health condition but she found a way to provide other people who suffer from celiac disease with delicious gluten-free meals and treats.

Christine started playing around with food and recipes to benefit her own health condition. Christine practiced making gluten-free meals and treats for her sons and loved ones. Many people gave wonderful feedback, including her girlfriend’s little guy! Soon after, Christine’s passion became her reality. Christine perfected delicious cooking and baking of gluten-free foods. She got in touch with a tea house and started renting a kitchen with them. All of her meals and treats are gluten-free and made using her own special recipes that the whole family will enjoy!

Our Mission

Gluten-free baking that doesn't taste like gluten-free!

Delicious gluten-free meals and treats can be hard to find. Christine’s Gluten Free Goodies' mission is to provide you with easy access to great-tasting gluten-free meals and treats! With recipes inspired by traditional family meals, every meal and treat is incredibly tasty. Whether you are on a healthy diet or treating a health condition, Christine’s Gluten Free Goodies only makes quality gluten-free food with amazing authentic flavours.

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