Gluten-Free Meals & Treats

Healthy, Nutritious, and Quality Food!

Christine’s Gluten Free Goodies offers a scrumptious selection of baking and meals that are 100% guaranteed to be free of gluten. We make the safest, tastiest choices for those with celiac disease and intolerances, and everything is ideal for people on low-carb diets, too. Finally, gluten-free baking that doesn’t taste gluten-free!


If want to increase your gluten-free lunch and dinner options, check out our homemade meals!

Gluten-Free Meals


Gluten-free food can be hard to find - we have you covered with delicious desserts and treats!

Gluten-Free Treats


We offer baked goods, desserts, and meals wholesale!


About Our Company

Providing Gluten-Free Food For London & Surrounding Areas!

Delicious gluten-free baking and meals can be so hard to find. As someone with celiac disease, Christine knew this first-hand, so she decided to take matters into her own kitchen! No matter what their dietary restrictions, everyone loves the homemade taste of her gluten-free, low-carb offerings. Christine’s Gluten Free Baking prepares small-batch goodies and meals for London and the surrounding areas, giving her community a new way to eat well!


Our Featured Products!

Premium Gluten-Free Meals & Treats

At Christine’s Gluten Free Goodies, you’ll find comforting favourites and food you didn’t think could taste so good without gluten! Christine makes a delicious selection of cookies, quiches, waffles, and savoury pies in her kitchen, delivering homemade flavour in original, gluten-free recipes.


Our Meals, Desserts, & Treats

Our Mission Is To Supply Delicious Gluten-Free Food!

As someone with celiac disease, Christine knows the importance of no-gluten guarantees. It's our mission to help those in London with intolerances and restrictions enjoy every snack and meal! Every order is made in a kitchen dedicated to gluten-free baking and cooking, keeping all our foods 100% safe. Christine’s Gluten Free Cooking means no one with a gluten intolerance needs to sacrifice flavour for their health!

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